Pretty Pro-social: Guest Posting

I know you’ve seen this on your favorite blogs. Someone other than the blog editor is coming to you with beauty news you can use. My counselor training emphasized not reinventing the wheel. I had a professor who was big on collaborating with other community resources to compensate for whatever your own program lacked. This is not different in the beauty blogging world. @glitteryglossy, from Glitter. Gloss. Garbage, was tweeting saying that she wished she had a more general blog so she could cover a certain topic. She doesn’t have to. Just guest post on a blog that’s more relevant to your topic and link your readers there. Here are a few more reasons to guest post:

1. It builds community. Requesting to guest blog on your favorite blogger’s site let’s them know about who’s reading their blog, gives them an idea of content they may be lacking, and provides their other readers with a new perspective to consider.

2. It drives traffic to blogs. Yours and theirs. You link your current readers to a new blog they may not have been aware of and because you’ve guest posted, folks learn about you, too.

3. Remember the spice of life? If you have a very specific blog, chances are, you’re always talking about the same thing. It gives you a chance to flex you writing muscles and shift gears a little bit.

Any other reasons you might know of to post on other people’s blogs?


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