Pocket-Sized Pretty: Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

With “moisturizing” in the name, I thought it would a good idea to finally test out this sample. See, I just came back from Virginia Beach and oddly enough, the short time spent in the pool, coupled with the few hours of sun had my hair reacting dryer than normal. I reached in my stash of samples because I knew I had not been posting much lately. Let me save you some suspense, this set was not for me.


First, how dare you put shea butter or moisturizing in the name of this? The shampoo smells like some kiddie shampoo I used when I was 6 and the conditioner smells like wood and baby powder. For me to not even smell shea butter in either part of this had me in the shower with a strong “hey, what gives” expression on my face. Second, as for moisturization, there was much to be desired. The shampoo was as if I’d doused my curls in bubble bath. The conditioner imparted the minimal amount of moisture to still be called a conditioner. I’m not gonna bother to find out what it costs because I don’t want you buying it. I hate to have to post such a negative review but I bet you came here for honesty so I’ll supply.

Final Thoughts: No, NO, and NO!


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