Review: Ben Nye Final Seal

Ben Nye FY Final Seal

I bought this thing after searching high and low online for a good price with decent shipping costs. After waiting couple of extra days because it was on back order, I got this semi-transparent blue liquid. The sealer is meant to mattify the skin after makeup is applied and I’d heard from some bloggers that it keeps oil at bay for an extended period. The first time I sprayed it on, on top of my makeup, it STUNG! Maybe I sprayed too much but I was ready for a tingle but for it to burn? Naw. It worked; I was shine-free for longer than normal but “the oilies” did appear about mid-way through the day.

My thought was that the benefits were not worth that initial shock my skin got. I was also thinking that with more use, it would become more effective. While flinching, I trusted in the second thought and used the product again. This time, I had no major burning but there was stinging which I would classify as just more than a tingle. I also found that my skin responded a little better and I wasn’t as oily at the end of the day. This could be owing to the fact that I sprayed less on my face the second time around.

I have to admit that I’ve only used this twice. I honestly just forget it about it. And what I’m doing lately doesn’t particularly require the most flawless face, so I’m not much concerned with being oily. I decided I might revisit this as the weather is significantly warmer and it may minimize my sweating off my makeup.

Final Thoughts: I don’t regret my purchase. Is it an essential part of your everyday routine? Not so much, but it is nice to have. 

My Rating: B


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3 Responses to Review: Ben Nye Final Seal

  1. Mz More says:

    I have this and it does sting a bit sometimes, and can be a little sticky. I love it to seal the makeup after covering my tattoos though!

  2. brookealyson says:

    It’s best for performers.

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