Silicon Mix Proteina De Perla

I’ve been following hair forums and hair-related blogs since around 2004. One of the recent big discussions has been ceramides for hair (I hear it’s also really good for skin). Blogger Joi shared a list of dominican conditioners containing ceramides and I opted for this one.

There were two similar products from this line on the shelf: one white, one blue. I went with the blue one because keratin (another ingredient I’m interested in) was listed higher in the contents list.  There’s probably no truth to it but I always thought ingredients were listed in the order of what the item is made up of most.

I used this following my Design Essentials Anti-Itch shampoo. I immediately noticed that it smelled just like the shampoo my mom used to wash my dog with when I was 8. This was a less intense version of the scent but as a smell I came to hate, I recognized it right away.

I pretty much know right away if my hair will like something and like it, my hair did. My hair became soft and moisturized. It looked healthy and smooth as the package description promised. As for strengthening, we shall see over time.

Have you tried any of the dominican product offerings from this line?


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2 Responses to Silicon Mix Proteina De Perla

  1. kia says:

    i lived in the DR for 6 months and i thought nothing of their hair, hair products, etc. i did get the blow outs, but didn’t feel they were doing right by my hair with too much harsh heat. so interesting how certain aspects of my life i paid absolutely no attention to. (my hair) i think i was also turned off by a salon where the women were promising to get my hair as straight as the “blanquitas” as well as race relations there. 😦

    • Antithesis says:

      LMAO! i think i ignored the trend for so long b/c i cant stand some people’s obsession with anything non-black. then the trend continued and people ranted and raved so i gave it a try. i guess it was as good as any other protein treatment i’ve used. i actually used it a while ago and havent really done anything with it sense.

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