Pocket-Sized Pretty: L’Occitane Shea Butter

Pocket-Sized Pretty is a series of posts dedicated to samples. Whether is was a deluxe sample or a regular sample packet, this is where you will find my first impressions of products. Posts will be brief and the goal is to let you know which products I am willing to commit to long-term by purchasing the full-sized version.

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Before getting this jar, I had never tried straight shea butter. Sure, I’ve seen those chunky blocks at farmer’s markets and such plenty of times but I’d never asked anyone to shave off a piece of my own to take home. L’Occitane’s shea butter ($9) has a lighter color than what I’ve been accustomed to seeing. Also, it’s completely smoothed down into this .26 oz tin. I expected this to have a powerful scent but it must have been the surrounding essential oils always masking the smell of shea butter on vendors’ tables. The scent is slightly sweet but very faint. It’s thick and gives a sheen to skin similarly to conservatively applied Vaseline. I find the price tag a little steep as you could maybe get 2-3 full-body uses out of this tin. They offer a 5.9 oz size that will cost you about $40. Not sure I’d shell that out either because I’m very satisfied with Victoria’s Secret body butters which are just $10 a pop for 7 oz. I’m sure some of those who prefer all natural products will have no problem with the price but for the poor woman in me, it’s a deal-breaker.

Final Thoughts: I won’t be getting this again because I want something that spreads quickly with a stronger scent.


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