Pretty Popular: A Favorites Post

I don’t know that I can commit to doing this monthly but it’s possible I could do this quarterly. Here’s a list of products I’m really loving lately:

NYX brow pencil– This pencil gives me shapely brows which arent TOO perfect and the color matches my hair very nicely.

Dickenson’s Witch Hazel– A little while back, I polled twitter for an alternative toner to Sea Breeze which I found to be too strong for my sensitive skin despite the label saying “sensitive”. This is what you wonderful ladies came up with and you were ever so right! Many thanks.

Turbie Twist– I grabbed this for $5 from CVS. It allows me just enough towel to blot my hair dry without rubbing and creating frizz. It stays put on top of my head where regular towels come undone.

That’s pretty much all that’s getting much use lately. I’ve been super lazy and my beauty routine is really simple. I’m hoping my next favorites post will have something more exciting.


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2 Responses to Pretty Popular: A Favorites Post

  1. Mz More says:

    I use the Dickenson’s Witch Hazel in my MUA Kit and it is also a part of my personal rotation of toners!

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