Veet Suprem’ Essence Review

Veet Gel Cream Suprem'Essence Size: 6.76 oz

Are you one to give products a second chance? The other day I used this jumbo-sized bottle of Veet I’d gotten on clearance from CVS. I remember I chose Veet because I’d read that Veet had less harsh scent. It reaked! Even worse, it didn’t do a great job removing hair. Then I paused and thought, what has happened? This had worked so well before. I knew it removed my hair well when I first bought it and it didn’t stink. Then I remembered it had probably been over a year since I purchased it and having gotten it on clearance, it was likely to already have been old.

I found myself back in CVS and willing to give Veet another chance because I simply can’t with razors and things. I need fast action and minimal effort for this already undesireable chore. I spotted a new offering from the line with “velvet rose fragrance and essential oils”.

The bottle says it takes 3 minutes but I got results much faster. Pretty much in the time it took me to use my clarisonic and hop in the shower, Veet had done it’s thing. Soon after stepping in the shower, a warm, wet wash cloth removed the cream (and unwanted hair) with ease leaving nothing but smooth skin behind. YAY! Oh, and there was no strong scent.

My Rating: A+


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2 Responses to Veet Suprem’ Essence Review

  1. Kim Porter says:

    After I have the baby I will try this. I don’t think I can use depilatory creams while pregnant. Have you tried their spray-on one?

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