Wouldn’t Get Far

Here are some fast and dirty reviews of products I never used long enough to get a decent review out of.

1. Bio-oil: $11 at CVS and other drugstores, I think. Not sure on the price because this is another thing I won as part of a prize pack. I just couldn’t get past the scent. It didn’t stink, wasn’t pungent. It just wasn’t a preferable scent for me. The consistency plus the smell was not ideal for the warmer months and it’s something I simply forget in the winter when I opt for more creamy moisturizers. Bottom line: There was no good time to use this.

2. Ganier Frutis Fiber Gum Putty: around $4 at drugstores. I bought this a WHILE back. So long ago that my hair was still cut in a chin-length bob. I’m BSL now so…yea. I wanted this to attempt a woody wood pecker, crash bandecoot situation like Chrisette Michelle or Kandi Burress. This product had a fruity smell but there was this other STRONG note that my nostrils simply could not take. Maybe it was alcohol but no alcohol I was used to smelling. Further, it left my hair sticky but not with a firm hold. Just coated my hair with a waxy, sticky film. Bottom line: It didn’t hold up.

3.  Liz Earle- I really was winning a LOT of products from blogs last year. I won this set which included Cleanse and Polish, Superskin Concentrate, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, and maybe a moisturizer. I wanted to like it b/c it  was high-end and European but it simply wasn’t for my skin type. Everything made my sensitive, combination, acnegenic skin feel oily. The scents were nice and spa-like but I am not a fan of heavily scented products for my face. Bottom line: No country for oily skin.

4. Queen Helene Apricot Moisturizing Masque- $4 at beauty supply store. I’m uncertain of the price on this because it was purchased even longer ago than the hair putty. This left a milky film on my face and shimmer. Not big chunks of glitter but definitely something shimmery was in there. I’m not a fan of the Edward Cullen effect. Bottom line: No spark but plenty of sparkle.

What are some of the worst products you’ve tried? What do you do with products that don’t work for you?


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