Review: DDF Discoloration Reversal Pods

I was a lucky Twitter winner of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s “Spot the Carolers” giveaway and I received a $100 gift card. I decided that I wanted some more DDF products. Last year, I won their Protect & Correct moisturizer ($60 at Sephora) and this Christmas, my parents bought me their  Acne Control Treatment ($42 at Sephora, $24.99 from Marshalls/TJ Maxx). Mini review on both: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The moisturizer contained SPF and gave my skin a healthy glow. The acne treatment cleared my pimples in a matter of days.

Shopping stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls after the holidays left me with scarse options. I saw plenty of the acne treatment I already own and only a few of their other offerings. I was really searching for their fade cream when I spotted the Discoloration Reversal Pods ($72 at Sephora, $47.99 at Marshalls). I shrugged and decided I’d might as well give these a try.

The package has 28 pods and can be used day or night with results to be expected in 3-4 weeks. I decided that I would use this at night only and the acne treatment daily. I learned my lesson about doing things day AND night with my Clarisonic. My skin can’t handle it.

The pods are comprised of a tiny packet producing a pea-sized amount of product with a round sponge applicator. This is meant to be a “targeted” treatment but I have a lot of “targets” so I found this to not be enough. The description included the word “exfoliating” but the sponge did not feel abrasive at all to my sensitive skin. Further, the thin, glycerin consistency product inside did not sting or burn when applied to my skin.

“before” picture taken with my blackberry on 1/3/2011:

Acne scars on right side of face

(wearing earrings featured in this post)

This isn’t a TRUE before picture because I used the pads ONCE on the night before but that should not have made a real difference at all.

There was no need to take an after photo because there would be no noticeable difference. Further, I dont have that wretched blackberry anymore so it’s not like I’d be using the same/a comparable camera. My bad…

I noticed toward the end of the package, I’d probably been throwing away a great bit of the already small amount of product. So much product came out when I squeezed the sponge one of the pods when I thought I’d gotten all I could get out of the packet.

While I saw some significant fading of some of my newer acne scars, this is a product I do not see myself purchasing in the future. The packaging is odd and makes for poor application with a lot of waste. I experienced breakouts while using this. Beware that stinging may occur with freshly exfoliated/deeply cleansed skin.

My Rating: D+


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