Discontinued MAC Plushglass from NoMoreRack

Twitter user @G_Marie_ put me on to nomorerack.com. I have been a fan of MAC Plushglass since my sister told me about Wet, Wild, Wonderful. I love the tingling/plumping effect and I really liked that color. Wet, Wild, Wonderful is one of the only permanent colors I’ve bought more than once.

When the website had Plushglass for 50% off, I jumped at the opportunity. They only offered two shades: Fashion Fanatic and Girl ♥ Boy. I know this line to be relatively sheer so I wasn’t worried when these colors looked a little too pale for brown-skinned girls. I wanted something to pair with my favorite liners and layer over some of my drier lipsticks.

*the link in this post contains a referral code by which I will be rewarded if you sign-up and make a purchase

These Plushglasses will be re-released with the Quite Cute Collection out early April 2011


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3 Responses to Discontinued MAC Plushglass from NoMoreRack

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  2. adoredfable says:

    Are they authentic? It seems like everybody has fakes and whatnot so it always makes me a little iffy.

    • Antithesis says:

      the website is canadian-based, as is mac so im hoping that they are authentic. i know that there were actual products released under those names and they appeared authentic to me.

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