Pretty Purchases: Etsy Shop- Hotdogs & Poodles

I have been wanting some wing earrings and I checked out the Etsy Artists of Color Holiday Gift Guide and happened upon this wonderful shop. They were selling a more every-day appropriate version of some wing earrings I’d seen on blogs and other shops.

I recieved my purchase within about 2 days of pressing ‘submit’ on my order :). I was very happy to get an order confirmation and a shipping confirmation within the hour.

Check out some pics:

I was so pleased with this purchase that I went back to get these for $8.99:
I sorta wish that I’d checked my first order before making this purchase because it included a 20% off coupon for my next order. That’s OK because I see myself ordering again and again!

Are you going to check out this shop? What are some of your Etsy favs?


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2 Responses to Pretty Purchases: Etsy Shop- Hotdogs & Poodles

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  2. LaShay Carr says:

    Hey I was googling my company & came across this write up! Thanks for highlighting my product! Feel free to email me & I gift you a nice pair of the big Angel Wings to match those little ones,

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