MAC PRO Store- Chicago, IL

During my trip to Chicago, I stopped by their Pro store! I was most impressed by the fact that the lighting was such that you could actually see how things looked on you. If you are from DC, you know that the MAC stores here are kind of a set-up. How many times have you walked outside (in the warm months) the Georgetown MAC to see if that was REALLY the lipstick/gloss/blush/foundation shade you wanted?

They had plenty of A Tartan Tale holiday sets and regular permanent items. I snapped a few photos of some Pro-Only items like Chromacakes and Chromalines and Paints. You’ll just see me in these flicks because my hostess was not at all interested. This was strickly a stop for me on this leg of my chicago tour 🙂

I would have snapped more pics but the rest of the store looked like any other MAC store and I assume that’s been seen before. They did have a lash wall complete with Duo adhesive available and I forgot to get an image of that for you all.

I didn’t pick up anything. I hardly wear the stuff I own now. And, the majority of things there exclusive to the Pro Store were not all that exclusive. At some point they have or soon will be available to regular consumers. Those things that won’t be also seems pretty intimidating for this newbie to use. I had my eye on a beautiful glitter but talked myself out of it because I can’t even pretend that I’d actually use it under any circumstances outside of possibly Halloween.

What would you have gotten if you were there with me?


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2 Responses to MAC PRO Store- Chicago, IL

  1. Tea says:

    I see my wrist in the 3rd picture, to the left, above the white bottle of whatever that is. LOL!

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