Since its first post back in July of this year, my blog has had 1250 views. I think that’s a little bit awesome. Even awesomer are the people who consistently come back so I wanted to add an interactive component. Every now and again, I’ll post a combo and I want YOU to show me the results. I’ll give you the name of two shadows or two lippies in my stash and I want you to make ’em work!

In honor of MAC’s release of A Tartan Tale, I want someone to try this: Radiant Jewels Dazzle Glass Cream + Impassioned Lipstick. Happen to own these two? Put them together and send me a pic! Don’t have these, but you have another combo you wanna share? Still send me a pic! You can email pics to: or post a link in the comments. I’ll feature you, your pic, and your blog in an upcoming post. Thanks for your continued support and look out for more participatory posts!



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3 Responses to Introducing…

  1. kia says:

    how cute! …and oh don’t be ‘cised’ (how do you spell that anyways??) that you got radiant jewels before everyone else!! lol

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