Pretty Purchases: Guess Booties from DSW

I got a good deal. I snapped a pic of my boots for my sister and I figured that I’d show you guys, too. These Guess boots were originally $120 and DSW wanted $69.95 for them.

I was totally willing to pay that but I had coupons. I had the $5 birthday coupon they sent and my sister gave me her $10 coupon. DSW also sent me a $20 coupon because I had not been there in a while. They allow you to combine up to 3 coupons. With those savings, I brought the price down to $35!!!!

With those savings, I could afford a second pair but I didn’t because there were other stores I wanted to visit and I wanted to get to class on-time.


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6 Responses to Pretty Purchases: Guess Booties from DSW

  1. Tea says:

    Ok, I’m over here. I don’t come over here much, but I love you no less. I don’t really like booties, so this is just to announce my presence. *insert halo* LOL!

  2. Nanna says:

    Lovely boots! Do you know what the style/model is called?

  3. Jay says:

    I just have one question about your booties. I recently purchased the same bootie (in grey) at DSW. It was 70% off and I ended up paying $35 for them as well. The issue I have is that I think they’re not actually GUESS shoes. All GUESS shoes have the signature treaded sole with the G symbol, right under the arch area, on the bottom of the shoe. Does your bootie have the G symbol on the bottom of the shoe?
    I noticed mine didn’t and I’m thinking of returning them.

    • Antithesis says:

      the boots do not have G on the tread. guess makes another line called G by Guess and they may be the ones that do that. this is only my second pair of guess shoes. my first were sandals and they dont have a G on the bottom. if you are concerned about authenticity, go on back to the store. i do doubt that DSW would be selling counterfeit footwear, though.

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