Tattoo #4

When I was little, nowhere near legal age, I wanted a butterfly tattoo. I remember being old enough to know how cliche’ that was but I never stopped wanting one. Three pretty common tattoos later, I decided that I’d better go get my butterfly. My 13-year-old niece helped me draw up something incorporating music into the butterfly.

While I’m not musically inclined and I have a saxophone collecting dust from 1996 or 7, I LOVE music. Anyone who’s ever rode in my car with me knows I wish I could sing. You’ll hear people talk about how much they love music and what music does for them and blah blah blah. I’m one of those people.

I wanted this tat to have more color than the others and I wanted it to be more readily visible than the others. Only family and males have seen the other tattoos as they are on my back and stomach. I put this right up on my shoulder. I may regret this but for now, I am happy.

I spent a while looking through tattoes. I’ve seen some pretty cool ideas but then I wound up seeing that same tattoo everywhere or feeling like “that person made up their own thing, I shouldnt copy”. I wanted my own design and not something picked off the wall or copied from someone else. My original design had more detail but the artist said he would need to make it much bigger for it to be quality and I was like, oh no! It would have been $150 more, would have taken longer, and I would have wanted to put it somewhere else.


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