NOTW(end): Sinful Colors #928 Let’s Meet

I’ve said before that nail polish never lasts on my nails. After Essie Chinchilly was DONE, I switched over to this polish. I wore this color on my toes initially and HATED it. Why did I think a sheer yellow on toe nails was appropriate in the first place?

I decided to give this color a chance on my fingernails before throwing it in a pile for a Zoya polish exchange or something. I was glad I did. I did two coats and was satisfied with the shade on my nails. I think next time, I will put a white polish underneath because the tips of my natural nails are WHITE and they show through this polish and I don’t like that look.


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2 Responses to NOTW(end): Sinful Colors #928 Let’s Meet

  1. Tea says:

    Yeah, it looks like you’d given yourself a perm with no gloves. Perhaps that shade can be paired with another shade? hmmm….

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