Quick Question

Girl gets hair done. Girl goes about her day then goes home and goes to bed. Girl wants hair to look as much like it did the day before on the next day. What should Girl do?

How do you prolong the life of a salon style?


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2 Responses to Quick Question

  1. Tea says:

    Girl gives up on that hope and dream. Girl wraps hair in a silk scarf (because if I went to the salon it’s straight). Then girl puts a bonnet on top of said scarf (because girl sleeps like a feisty 2-yr old and no silk scarf can quite handle that without reinforcement). Girl awakes to hair looking halfway good and halfway a mess and girl implements hair adornments (headbands, bobbypins, ponytail holders) to look presentable for girl’s bougie friends and male suitors.

    I just had so much fun writing this. LOL!

    • Antithesis says:

      LMAO!!!! sounds like me when i was natural. I had a flashback to that because it had been so long since my relaxer. my hair definitely holds up better after a salon visit when i take the time to go through everything you mentioned. but it’s still never the same…

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