Goodbye, Confetti?

If you’re a frequent CVS shopper like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed a budget-friendly nail polish line called Confetti. The $1.99 nail polishes offer a range of colors which rival Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure collection. They reflect the line so much that there have been rumors of a pending lawsuit for infringement prompting the removal of the line from CVS’s shelves. (sorry, I totally forgot my source on this issue).

I had $2 in extrabucks so I grabbed the polish in the shade #049 “Show Stopper”. It reminds me of Zoya “Drew” but without any shimmer and slightly darker. A pretty color but I wish I’d opted for a shade not so similar to a product I already own.

As for application, the brush seemed to have thick bristles which made for a streaky application. The formula is thick so I was able to achieve bottle color in one coat. I topped it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.

This product is good for the price you pay. The range of colors is impressive even if they are copying another more expensive brand. I would like to see them make some improvement on the brush. The writing on the bottle is way too small to read the ingredients but if I recall correctly from the display, it’s formulated without the big 3 chemicals people are avoiding these days in cosmetics products, especially nail polish. I have to pass on purchasing this again if it returns to shelves because after only a few hours, I got major chipping.

My Rating: D


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2 Responses to Goodbye, Confetti?

  1. PJD says:

    I put the white confetti polish on my toe nails and it lasted for about 2 weeks. I had to pry that sucker off of my nails, it lasted a long time. I’m sure there will be a difference once i put it on the nails on my hands.
    Didn’t know about the lawsuit.

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