Rosebud Salve…in a tube!

When I went to the Sephora website to FINALLY order my UD Naked Palette, I also picked up some Rosebud Salve. I was never a fan of sticking my fingers in a tin, so I got the tube version. The unflavored lip balm has a scent that reminds me of Blue Magic hair grease from when I was a little girl. The product itself is pink and I can’t compare the consistency to the product in the tin because I never had that. I think it will be a good first step in my makeup application to prepare my lips for lipstick and gloss. I’m just not a fan of the scent.

My Rating: B+


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4 Responses to Rosebud Salve…in a tube!

  1. it’s a decent product, i used to have some in the tin. I’m not a huge fan of shoving my fingers into stuff either, so I lost it somewhere along the way

  2. PJD says:

    OK – WHYYYYYY did I forget that you started a beauty blog? I’m so behind-
    Thanks for the review…something about the look of that rosebud tin has prevented me from buying it all of this time…lol

    • Antithesis says:

      lol! glad you came back! yea, i never bought the tin version and the only reason i found the tube is i was trying to get an item instead of paying for shipping on that naked palette.

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