Joico K-PAK Reconstructor

It has the smell and consistency of the filling of a banana moon pie but that doesn’t stop me from liking it. It almost did, because I hate artificial banana scent and flavor. Have you had a banana shake from Checker’s/Rally’s? Eww.

I got a 1.7 oz bottle from Ulta for $5 because I didn’t want to pay for a big bottle of fail if the product was useless to me. It’s always those times when you go for the modest size when you end up wishing you’d been greedy. It’s like getting McDonald’s fries in a small and they’re great and you wish you’d gotten a large. Well you didn’t get a large because the last time you did, you really wished you’d gotten a small. Or at Coldstone when you get a ‘like it’…ok you get the point. As far as Joico goes, I should have gotten a “gotta have it”.

It’s not like other protein conditioners that leave my hair stiff and hard. I actually briefly debated on whether or not to follow this one up with a conditioner. Of course, I did but I don’t know if it was totally necessary. This product left my hair feeling strong but not stripped.

My Rating: A-/B+


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