Steve Madden Twist Knot Tote

I love discount stores: Filene’s Basement, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and AJ Wright. My most recent deal was this tote by Steve Madden I got from Filene’s Basement on Connecticut Ave in DC.

I don’t think I’d normally be a fan of the chains but for some reason, I’m into it. The bag also has two handles plus a longer strap. I’d like the strap to be a little bit longer but for $30, I won’t complain. Steve Madden originally wanted $98 for this and Filene’s wanted $40. I got it for $33 with tax because I joined Filene’s Fan Club and they gave me 20% off for joining. Supposedly, you get member-only discounts and insider info in this free program. You can join on the Filene’s Basement website and as soon as you sign up, you receive the printable coupon.

Happy Shopping!


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2 Responses to Steve Madden Twist Knot Tote

  1. Dina's Days says:

    Filene’s is a dangerous place for me! And about the polish, I wanted to try confetti as well. Sinful colors was another awful experience for me. I will have to share my review on confetti once I buy it!

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