Points Toward Free Makeup

I joined this over a year ago to earn completely free cosmetics. The process is so simple. Points are easy to rack up: comment on posts, rate products, rate reviews, refer friends. Once your point balance reaches 50, 150, or 250, you are eligible to redeem prizes. 50 points usually gets you one item, 150 a couple more, and even more with 250. I’ve always cashed out at 250 and have been happy I’ve done so.

Until recently, Meg and crew ate the cost of shipping. Now they ask that when you redeem prizes, you pay shipping. Shipping costs vary at the different prize redemption points, maxing out at $12 for redeeming 250 points. I still think that’s a good deal because the last thing I got from Meg, the shipping alone was over $17.

There’s a forum on the site where people can post what they got in their prize packs since it’s always a surprise and varies with what companies send her. Recently, people have been getting Napoleon Perdis lipgloss and China Glaze nail polish. Some of my previous winnings include: ELF Master makeup palette, Tarte emphaEYES, Mixed Chicks hair products, and LORAC eyeshadow. All good stuff to have won completely free and as I approach 250 points again, I don’t mind paying $12 for my next box of goodies.

To get in on this, click the image below:

Meg's Makeup


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