Permanent Pretty

When I talk about permanent pretty, I’m not referring to permanent makeup or plastic surgery. I’m referring to tattoos. My 24th birthday is fast approaching and I want a new tattoo. I’m still not sure what I want to get but I have two months to decide. I have 3 tattoos already and anyone who knows me knows I really do not like odd numbers. I’ve also gotten a tattoo every other year since turning 18 with my first tattoo so year 24 marks that time again. Each tattoo I got had something to do with what my experience was at the time. To other people, I’m sure they seem very basic and have little meaning but my sankofa, flower, and star symbolize very personal things for me. This year has been about plenty of self-discovery and being comfortable in my own skin and with my own opinions, thoughts and feelings. I’m not sure what image really portrays that.

Do you have any permanent reminders of the mindset you were in at any particular time? I’d love to see you ink!

my first tattoo


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