This or That: A Tag Post

@SilverLips posted this tag post on her blog. Here are my answers:

Q: Blush or Bronzer?
A: Blush, I haven’t found the patience to test out appropriate bronzers to actually fall in love like i have with blush

Q: Lipstick or Lip gloss?
A: Lip gloss. I own and wear lipstick but the convenience of a gloss is prefered

Q: Eyeliner or Mascara?
A: Eyeliner. While dont typically forget liner, I have walked out of the house on a few occasions without mascara (accidentally, of course, but this must indicate some subconscious preference)

Q: Foundation or Concealer?
A: Foundation. I can skip concealer in a rush but I can’t go without foundation.

Q: Neutral or Color Eyeshadow?

A: COLOR! Nevermind the fact that I’ve exclusively been wearing neutral lately.

Q: Loose or Pressed Eyeshadow?
A: Pressed. What pigments? I don’t use the ones I have and I will not buy more.

Q: Brushes or Sponges?
A: Brushes. I used sponges when I first started wearing makeup and that was NOT the application I wanted. When I say “first started”, I mean on those few and far between occasions when my mother allowed me to wear make up to my high school winter formal and the two proms I attended.


I tag:

Dee of Ignorant Beauty


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Pretty Personal

I know it’s been a while so first, my apologies. I’ve neglected the blog and I haven’t been telling my readers whether or not things do what they promise. I will be back with reviews and swatches and such. In the meantime, get to know the chick behind the FOTDs. When you’re all done gettin’ up in my bidnes’, fill out this survey I snagged from Fabuless Beauty.

A. Age: 24

B. Bed size: Full

C. Chore you hate: Laundry

D. Day: Thursday/Friday

E. Essential start to your day: A stretch

F. Favourite color: ALL OF THEM

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H. Height: 5’2.

I. Instruments: None

J. Job Title: Current: Residential Counselor; Upcoming: Outpatient Mental Health Therapist

K. Kids: None

L. Live: DC

M. Mom’s name: Regina

N. Nickname: I have several but only the person who gave them to me calls me them.

O. Overnight hospital stay: Never and I hope never to.

P. Pet peeve: Rude drivers.

Q. Quote from a movie: “Everybody, come see how good I look!”

R. Right or left handed: Left

S. Siblings: 2 older brothers, 1 older sister

T. Time you wake up: Whenever my internal or actual alarm clock goes off

U. Underwear: Boyshorts

V. Vegetables you dislike: whatever those white things are that come with stir-fry veggies sometimes. what are they called?

W. What makes you run late: Traffic. I’m rarely late, but if I am, it was traffic. That or trying to find a parking spot.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth and knee

Y. Yummy food you make: banana pudding/peach cobbler

Z. Zoo: Animal? Bear

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Pretty Pro-social: Guest Posting

I know you’ve seen this on your favorite blogs. Someone other than the blog editor is coming to you with beauty news you can use. My counselor training emphasized not reinventing the wheel. I had a professor who was big on collaborating with other community resources to compensate for whatever your own program lacked. This is not different in the beauty blogging world. @glitteryglossy, from Glitter. Gloss. Garbage, was tweeting saying that she wished she had a more general blog so she could cover a certain topic. She doesn’t have to. Just guest post on a blog that’s more relevant to your topic and link your readers there. Here are a few more reasons to guest post:

1. It builds community. Requesting to guest blog on your favorite blogger’s site let’s them know about who’s reading their blog, gives them an idea of content they may be lacking, and provides their other readers with a new perspective to consider.

2. It drives traffic to blogs. Yours and theirs. You link your current readers to a new blog they may not have been aware of and because you’ve guest posted, folks learn about you, too.

3. Remember the spice of life? If you have a very specific blog, chances are, you’re always talking about the same thing. It gives you a chance to flex you writing muscles and shift gears a little bit.

Any other reasons you might know of to post on other people’s blogs?

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Happy Independence Day!

I had to work but the good news is that I took the kids I work with to the fireworks celebration near my job in VA. I wanted to share the finale w/ you guys, so I took video on my phone. Enjoy!

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This is Kind of a Big Deal


Too Faced is offering 50% off their custom 3-piece palettes. Order by tomorrow, 7/4/11 and enjoy free shipping with code “fireworks”. Happy Independence Day!

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Pocket-Sized Pretty: Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

With “moisturizing” in the name, I thought it would a good idea to finally test out this sample. See, I just came back from Virginia Beach and oddly enough, the short time spent in the pool, coupled with the few hours of sun had my hair reacting dryer than normal. I reached in my stash of samples because I knew I had not been posting much lately. Let me save you some suspense, this set was not for me.


First, how dare you put shea butter or moisturizing in the name of this? The shampoo smells like some kiddie shampoo I used when I was 6 and the conditioner smells like wood and baby powder. For me to not even smell shea butter in either part of this had me in the shower with a strong “hey, what gives” expression on my face. Second, as for moisturization, there was much to be desired. The shampoo was as if I’d doused my curls in bubble bath. The conditioner imparted the minimal amount of moisture to still be called a conditioner. I’m not gonna bother to find out what it costs because I don’t want you buying it. I hate to have to post such a negative review but I bet you came here for honesty so I’ll supply.

Final Thoughts: No, NO, and NO!

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REVIEW: Mary Kay Timewise Body

“Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it?”- I think I need to go watch my 25th anniversary edition of the Wiz. Before I do, I wanna tell you about the lotion I’m using. My friend from undergrad is a Mary Kay rep and on a recent visit to DC, I asked her to bring along a couple of products. Side note: we go back to freshman dorm and suffering through crappy required core courses. I couldn’t get a discount? Some freebies? Naw, I’m just kidding, not really…


Back to what I am supposed to be telling you about: this lotion. It’s a “targeted-action toning lotion” for normal to dry skin. I wanted it b/c I started trying to lose weight and if my efforts ever decide to prove worthy, I’d like to minimize the appearance of new stretch marks and possibly prevent the sag in skin many people see when they lose a significant amount of weight. These are some lofty goals for a $30 lotion but whatever. I haven’t the slightest idea if this thing works but I love the smell. Reminds me of super sweet grapefruit but I’m not sure of that’s what they were going for.


this amount is enough for my forearm

Final Thoughts: While I love the scent, I can’t speak to the efficacy. If you’re really interested in a firming lotion, I believe Nivea makes one for about half the cost. 

My Rating: I can’t offer that b/c, again, I can’t speak to how it works with the exception that my skin feels nice and soft and smooth. Any lotion can do that. Is it tighter? I don’t know.

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Carol’s Daughter on

@Hautelook is bringing you Carol’s Daughter today!


I was a big fan of Tui Hair Smoothie in college. Loved the smell and how soft it made my hair feel. Get you some! Sale starts 11am EST.

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FHI Heat on Hautelook

These flat irons are the truth and now you don’t have to drop loads of $$$ to get them. They’re on sale today on Hautelook starting at 11am EST. *reminisces of days past using my pink tourmaline FHI Heat*

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Pretty Sweet Deals: Urban Decay on Hautelook

Urban Decay cosmetics is back on Hautelook this Monday. I’m curious to see what they’re offering, as it’s their 15th anniversary. The 24/7 liners are a good choice, especially at a discounted price. Happy Shopping!

Sale starts at 11 am EST. Click here for an invite.

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